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12-07-21 through 12-14-21

The Magician (Magus)

The Magician is this week’s Tarotcast card, known in the Thoth deck as The Magus. And in some very old decks, he is the Juggler. We’re invited to become the conscious creators of our reality this week. Our imaginations are active. Using our ability to think and visualize, we translate ideas into action. As a result, self-confidence and a sense of personal power are ours to enjoy!


On the Tree of Life, the Magician travels path 12. It joins sephiroth or sphere 1 Kether (the Crown) to sephiroth or sphere 3 Binah (Understanding). Our connection to the divine combines with knowledge of how the universe works. Our thoughts manifest in the real world as solid, material results. The Hebrew letter assigned to this card is Beth, meaning “house”. Thus, it encompasses the concepts of our personal home and household as well as the House of God – the temple.


The Magician is the planetary trump of Mercury. This is the planet of mental agility and quickness. Like many of the old gods, Mercury is a bit of a contradiction. Known as Hermes to the Greeks, he is a trickster and even a deceiver. To both the Greeks and the Romans he also embodies creativity and new beginnings. Too, in his role as the messenger of the Gods he represents news and communication of all kinds. In our 21st century world this includes electronic communication and the internet. For instance, watch your e-mail, back up your files and make sure you keep your cell phone charged and handy.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Fire-sign Sagittarius. Optimism and independence are powerful energy combined with that of this week’s card. Indeed, we’re adventurous and willing to think – and act – outside the box.

“The magician, he sparkles in satin and velvet. You gaze at his splendor with eyes you’ve not used yet, I tell you his name is Love, Love, Love…”

Mercury continues its transit of Sagittarius too, until December 13th. The Messenger then enters Earth-sign Capricorn. Communication takes a no-nonsense turn. Practicality rules our decision-making. Under the industrious Goat, our efforts pay rich dividends as we climb the ladder of success. Therefore, this can be a good complement to the energy of this week’s card.

“But try to understand – try to understand…I’m a magic man…”

Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13th. A burst of energy brings rewards. We have the drive and stamina to steer a steady course. Yet, we may find that bursts of curiosity distract us. This can detour or efforts. Still, we can find some interesting and instructive things along the way.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of The Magician card includes abuse or misuse of power. Also aggression, egotistical and selfish manipulation; dishonesty and deceit.


In contrast, let’s focus on the positive aspects of the Magician this week: assertiveness and bold action. Clear and timely communication. Find beneficial activities and positive channels for your vital energy.


Power colors: yellow, purple, grey, indigo and violet.

Power stones: diamond, jade, jasper, topaz, aquamarine and iron pyrite. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones. They’ll enhance clear thinking and communication this week.

Power metal: mercury. It’s not wearable but it’s a good reminder to stay flexible and adaptable. We need to stay honest and act with integrity.

Power fragrances: snapdragon, iris, rosemary, cornflower, valerian, lavender, lilac, and vervain. These will keep your physical stamina and energy at peak performance.

Power foods: foods prepared with parsley, dill, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, mace and peppermint. Also, tea brewed from ginseng or peppermint. To sum up, all provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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Lyrics quotes:

  • “Sunny Goodge Street” ~ Donovan (Donovan Phillips Leitch)
  • “Magic Man” ~ Heart (Ann Wilson/Nancy Wilson)

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