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1-25-22 through 2-01-22

XVI - The Tower

The Tower is this week’s Tarotcast card. OUCH! This week we’ll be experiencing disruption and destruction. Resistance is futile. The harder we try to maintain the status quo; the more difficult things will be. Tearing down is phase one of rebuilding. What appears to be a catastrophe transforms into something better. With Tower energy we see that tearing down (or falling apart) allows us to begin building anew.


On the Tree of Life, The Tower travels Path 27. It joins sephiroth or sphere 7, Netzach (Victory) with sephiroth or sphere 8, Hod (Splendor). Its Hebrew Letter is Pe’ (meaning “mouth”). The mouth is how we speak, eat, and sometimes breathe. A large, fanged mouth appears on this card. In the Hebrew alphabet, Pe’ follows the letter Ayin (meaning “eye”). Lo and behold, a large eye crowns this card. Jewish mystics believed that the eye is the doorway to reality. They also believed the mouth brings reality into being. The word of God creates. The Hindu God Shiva is the God of destruction – and to destroy, he need only open his eye.

Spheres 7 and 8 are opposite each other on the tree and are two sides of the same coin. They depict equal but opposite errors both denoting weakness. When united, they cancel each other out. This works as a metaphor for the kind of annihilation we’re talking about when we talk Tower energy.


The Tower card is the planetary trump of Mars in all his aggressive, violent glory. Change is coming by any means necessary. We may dislike, fear or resist it. But without it everything would fall into stagnation and ruin without rejuvenation.

In real-time astrology, the Sun is transiting Air-sign Aquarius. Uranus rules the sign of the Water-bearer. The sometimes erratic and unpredictable nature of Uranus along with Mars energy disrupts. This intensifies the energy of this week’s card.

“There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief. There’s too much confusion – I can’t get no relief…”

Mars is transiting Earth-sign Capricorn. This brings self-discipline and perseverance. There’s a need to rise to challenges and overcome resistance. But in combination with this week’s card, this can be disastrous.

On January 25th Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn. We want to think things through. To consider, review and revise plans. Yet the energy of this week’s card doesn’t leave much time for reflection. We may only get a chance to think once the dust settles.

“And there’s a mighty judgement coming, but I may be wrong. You see, you hear these funny voices in the Tower of Song…”

Venus turns direct in Capricorn on January 29th. It’s time to clean up the debris of relationships that ended during this period. Flaws in relationships that rekindled during retro may also come into sharp focus.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st gives us the chance to recharge our spiritual energy. Our intuition and inner knowing are strong. As we end this forecast period, we can dream big. And we can lay the foundation that brings our dreams into reality.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes blind destruction. A lust for ruin. Trashing everything for the sake of watching it all fall apart. Lack of respect for the cycles of which destruction is only one step or phase.


Let’s focus on overcoming the obstacles of outmoded thinking and action. Enlightenment comes with new ideas and inspirations, striking like a lightning-bolt of truth.


Power colors: scarlet, red, azure and emerald.

Power stones: ruby, bloodstone and garnet. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones. They will help to channel Mars’ strength without the martial violence this week.

Power metal: iron. Not great for wearing but a great reminder of strength and endurance.

Power fragrances: rose, pine and tobacco (no, you don’t have to smoke it). These scents enhance feelings of enlightenment. They bring sharp, clear perception of the truth and the constancy of change this week.

Power foods: foods prepared with allspice cayenne, garlic, ginger, pepper and thistle (think artichokes!). We can also chase the Green Fairy thanks to the wormwood in absinthe (in moderation of course). And all provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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  • Lyrics quotes: “All Along the Watchtower” ~ Jimi Hendrix (Bob Dylan)
  • “Tower of Song” ~ Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen)

The Tarotcast is a free Tarot reading with a new post every week on Tuesday!

An individualized Tarot reading with me focuses on what’s most important for you, so call 847-735-1718 today for a personalized, in-depth look into your life’s possibilities.

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